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Lorenzo di Bonaventura im Hascon 2017 Dinner

TF-Real Movies Auf der HasCon 2017 hat sich der Produzent im Interview zum kommenden Transformers Universe: Bumblebee Movie geäußert.

Bumblebee Movie is set in 1986 with all the “weird” hair and music and everything.
It’ll be a very emotional movie, feeling similar to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial by Steven Spielberg (who is also a producer of the Transformers Franchise).
Bumblebee will have a special bond with Hailee Steinfeld’s character.
Travis Knight (award winning Kubo and the Two Strings, Coraline, and ParaNorman) will be directing and it’ll be on a different direction than Michael Bay movies.
The movie will be kept simpler and will feel a lot like the first Transformers Live Action Movie.
In future, they believe they could [no promises] do more movies for other characters, set in different time periods.



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Lorenzo di Bonaventura im Hascon 2017 Dinner

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